Welcome to our distillery

About us Craftmanship and passion

Our two most important ingredients. Which ensured a hobby that got out of hand quickly grew into a professional distillery. The craftsmanship and passion makes Tolmanns Gin unique. Both in preparation and in taste. You are welcome to experience this for yourself during a personal tour in which we are very happy to share our love for gin with you. We show you the entire production process and of course we finish with what it is all about: a tasting of Tolmanns Gin...

"We achieve the best quality through perfection and independence."

The distillation process Distilling in copper

Our gin is distilled in small batches. All our high-quality ingredients are chosen during a strict selection process. We always start with a neutral grain alcohol. And then we add sixteen different ingredients, first of all, of course, the juniper berry. To extract as much flavor and aroma as possible from each ingredient, all ingredients are distilled separately in our copper still.

After all sixteen distillates are ready, they are brought together to further perfect the blending during a "wedding period" of several weeks. Together they give the fresh, aromatic and spicy character of Tolmanns Gin.

Distilled at an historic location The power of an exceptional location: Fort Vijfhuizen

Tolmanns Gin is distilled at our particularly beautiful location: Fort at Vijfhuizen. This is part of the Defense Line of Amsterdam-UNESCO World Heritage. A place full of history.

't Fort has the ideal conditions for distilling Tolmanns Gin, thanks to a constant temperature and humidity, all year round. The charms and history of 't Fort in combination with the production process of our gin makes a visit to Tolmanns Distillery an unforgettable experience.

Meet our team

A trip to New York, a visit to a distillery in an old fire station. It turned out to be the ingredients for developing our own Dutch gin when we returned home. Now, a few years later, Tolmann's distillery stands like a house, as we say in Holland. But actually we must say, like a Fortress. As a small team, we are the driving force behind our beautiful Dutch brand. Proud as we are, we like to tell our story and welcome every gin lover with great enthusiasm in our distillery. Together we ensure that our beautiful Dutch brand continues to grow and remains the symbol of friendship and quality time far beyond the border!

Ron van Tol Founder
Etiënne Haringa Master Distiller
Petra van Tol Marketing & Communications