Behind the doors of Fortress Vijfhuizen

Distilling gin is a traditional craft. Upon entering Tolmanns distillery , this is immediately confirmed by the sight of the large copper pot still. Neutral alcohol, juniper berries and a variety of specially selected fresh ingredients form Tolmanns Gin. Our Master distiller Etienne is a real professional and knows exactly which herbs are needed for our tasteful gin! Are you curious about our distillery or how the distilling process works? Then knock on the door.......Etienne will tell you, with great passion, about his profession. Visit us to smell and taste the different types of Tolmanns Gin we’ve already developed.

We achieve the best quality through perfection and independence

Because we have the entire process of distilling under our own management, we create perfection. Accomplishment down to the last detail and broad knowledge of the product and the market ensure the quality we want to radiate. Looking ahead to the future, we believe in our product and in ourselves as a team behind Tolmanns. With passion, creativity and ambition we further expand our brand. The possibilities are endless. Independence ensures that we can follow our own distinctive course. In this way we open doors worldwide and let everyone taste "The best Dutch gin in the world!"

Fortress Vijfhuizen during the Second World War

A location with a rich past

The fortress of Vijfhuizen is part of the Defense Line of Amsterdam, a 46 fortification and battery defense line around the city of Amsterdam. The start of the building construction was in 1880.During the First and Second World War, the fort was prepared as a defense line around our capital Amsterdam. However, it was never necessary to use it. The entire Defense Line of Amsterdam has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1996 and so an important piece of history remains protected and preserved. A new destination has been found for a large number of forts and in Vijfhuizen artists and restaurants have found a location here for their business.

The legend of the missing bomber

May 1943 - A squadron of Lockheed Venturas takes off from England. In order to oppose the Germans, they had the target to disable a power station in Amsterdam. This mission did not succeed. A large part of the Venturas were shot even before reaching the power station. One of the Venturas ended up in the fort moat of Vijfhuizen.It was piloted by Sgt. Jack Sharp with his 3 crew members: Sgt.Hugh Gibson, Sgt. Alan Stevens and Sgt. Derek Lawson Rowland.

Jack Sharp was the only one who survived the crash. The other 3 crew members were buried in the cemetery of Hoofddorp. Jack Sharp was captured by the Germans, but survived the war. After the war he returned to Vijfhuizen several times. In his motherland New Zealand Jack Sharp died in 2005 at the age of 85.