Say hi to The Best Dutch Gin in the World

Tolmanns Premium Gin has won a Silver Outstanding Award in the prestigious IWSC (International Wine and Spirits Competition). This crown on our gin makes us very proud of course. And gives us even more passion and enthusiasm to present and taste our beautiful brand to every enthusiast, anywhere in the world. This award confirms that Tolmanns is a premium gin, to be enjoyed both 'in the mix' and neat.

Our gin

Tolmanns Premium Gin is a richly aromatic herbal gin. A beautiful and powerful symbol for friendship. Enjoy special moments by having good conversations with dear friends or family. This creates beautiful memories and you’ll experience intense moments of pleasure together. Find quality time in every bottle of Tolmanns Premium Gin. But enjoy responsibly.

Leafy and citrus aromas with a touch of celery stalk. Initial flavors of ginger spice and chocolate, reminiscent of pfeffernusse cookies, are followed by fragrant lemongrass, piney juniper, and then a little more ginger before a spicy and smooth finish.

Juniper berry, jalapeño, bergamot, ginger, cardamom, angelica, orange blossom, fennel, paradise seed.

Dutch Dry Gin Original. AV%: 46% vol. (92 proof). Bottle content: 70 cl. Dimensions: H x 274,5 mm W x 73,4 mm (square bottle). Weight: 1375 gram. Box size: 265 x 180 x 285 mm. Items p/box 6 x 70 cl.